Size Chart

Sleepeaz and Bodysuits

Babies grow at different speeds, which is why we have designed our Sleepeaz to be super flexible in size. All of our styles have extra length (just roll up any extra) to create foldable hand and foot cuffs. They are designed to fit 2-3x longer than a regular baby grow! Our Sleepeaz and Bodysuits are super stretchy and are designed to fit snugly, if you have a slim baby and you think your child is between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

The below measurements are approximate and are unstretched:

SleepeaZ Height Weight
Newborn 45 – 55cm 7-12 lbs
0-3 Months 53 – 64cm 12-15 lbs
3-6 Months 61 – 67cm 15-18 lbs
6-12 Months 66 – 74cm 18-22 lbs
12-18 Months 73 –  79cm 22-26 lbs
18 -24 Months 78 – 84cm 26-30 lbs


Again our Playjays are made to be flexible. We reccomend sizing up if your child is in between sizes and turn cuffs up for extra longevity!

PlayJays Height Weight
2-3 Years 84cm – 95cm 28lbs – 33lbs
3- 4 Years 96cm – 105cm 34lbs – 38lbs
5-6 Years 106cm – 121cm 39lbs – 46lbs
7-8 Years 122cm – 137cm 46lbs – 54lbs
9-10 Years 138cm – 148cm 55lbs – 65lbs
11-12 Years 149cm – 158cm 66lbss – 90lbs

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