Best Photos To Take In Your Baby’s First Year

The first year of your babies life just flies by, and it is filled with so many incredible milestones. Taking photos will allow you to preserve the moments that seem to pass by in a flash. Here are some of the best and essential pictures to take in your newborn’s first year! From those first moments in the hospital in a tiny newborn bamboo babygrow Sleepeaz to their first smile, you will want to capture them all.

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Essential Photos for Baby’s First Year

  1. First Hospital Photo –  The first moment you meet your baby is unlike any other. If you can, try to capture the moment Mummy first meets her baby.
  2. Monthly Milestones – Some of the most popular pictures to take in your newborn’s first year are monthly milestones. Lay your baby on their back in a cute baby grow, like an eco-friendly bamboo Sleepeaz, and add a number to show how many months they are.
  3. First Smile – You’ll be beaming with pride when you catch a photo of your baby’s first smile! There’s nothing more precious.
  4. Mummy & Baby – Even if you don’t feel much like photos in the early weeks, be sure to get lots together.
  5. Mummy Daddy & Baby – Consider a new baby shoot, in time these photos will be memories that money can’t buy.
  6. Siblings – You’ll want to capture your infant with their siblings from their first meeting to doing the most ordinary of things at home! Why not match them to their big brother or sister with coordinating Playjays.
  7.  Naps – Don’t forget the simple moments, when your baby is asleep. Napping in a newborn Sleepsuit always makes the perfect photo!
  8. First Bath – Their first bath is so special, be sure to get a snap!
  9. Yawns – There is nothing cuter than a baby yawn. Make sure you capture these gorgeous moments in the first few weeks.
  10. Feet – When you first bring home your new baby, take photos of every inch of them to remember just how precious they are, starting with feet! Capture cute, wrinkly feet while they’re extra tiny.
  11. First Laugh – A baby laughing is the sweetest sound, make sure you take photos and videos of this.
  12. Holding Hands – Your newborns fingers around yours is a beautiful photo-worthy moment.
  13. Sitting Up – Your pride when they first sit up. Don’t forget to catch them on camera.
  14. Rolling Over – As your baby learns to roll over, get the camera ready for plenty of cuteness.
  15. Crawling – Get the photos in before they are running so fast you can’t keep up!!
  16. Standing and Walking – Before you know it, they will be taking their first steps.
  17. First Holiday – In a year filled with firsts, how exciting is their first trip to the seaside! Be sure to capture their first moment on the beach.
  18. First Christmas – The most wonderful time of the year, don’t let it pass without a photo in their outfit!

Every day of their first year is a moment of firsts, for both of you! In time you will be glad you didn’t let a day pass by without a photo. They may feel never ending at the time, but the year will flash by before you know it and you’ll be so happy to look back on the memories.

Are there any other photos you would recommend to take in your newborn’s first year?!

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